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Why I Love Launches

launches Feb 23, 2018

I love launches.

Launches, launches launches... Firstly lets talk about the elephant in the room.

A 'launch' can only happen once. It happens at the start of the business or product and then its always available for sale. This must be true right?

Yes, and no.

The word 'launch', thanks to a good friend of mine Jeff Walker, has an evolved definition in the online marketing world.

So lets...

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Relationship Depth: An Essential Ingredient To Launching Products In The Health Wellness and Personal Development Space

Relationship Depth

Most online marketing is flawed for the health, wellness and personal development space. People looking for solutions in these areas buy from people they trust and who fit their unique needs, and this takes time.

Connecting and creating deep relationships online then becomes the biggest priority for health, wellness and personal development products.

Many people teach...

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Warning: Don't look down!

business health life Feb 05, 2018

Don't look down!

Sound familiar? 

How many times have you been told, or told yourself, don't look down.

Maybe climbing a ladder, going up a chairlift, driving on a steep windy road or even climbing a mountain. 

What happens when we ignore the advice and actually look down?

Usually, one of two things. Nothing OR an instant surge of fear. 

If nothing has happened then it maybe...

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Observe The Magic Of Life

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2018

Every day we are surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

Our own bodies, the sun, moon, stars, the ocean, the wind, the animals and insects all around us.

We are a part of one complete and fascinating system. Our breath is dependant on others. Our food and nutrition relies on other people. Our joy involves other people, even when experienced alone.  

I remember when you used to say...

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How To: Find Your Unique Ability

business Jan 09, 2018

One of the most powerful things we can know about ourself if our Unique Ability. 

Usually when you look at people who are achieving what appears to be effortless success, they are working and operating in their own place of unique ability. 

Sounds simple right? Not quite!

In my opinion knowing your unique ability is THE HARDEST thing for us to see in ourself and in the working and...

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8 Questions To Start Your Day

business health life Jan 04, 2018

For me, routines are one of things I attribute many of my successes to. When I grew up playing tennis, my success was around creating and executing routines. The week before competition, days before, night before, at the venue, 30 minutes out all the way to the individual points including before serving and returning routines.

When I was at my physical best a year or two back I had my routines....

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Thoughts on Peace

life Dec 31, 2017

In replying to an email about the opportunity for world peace I actually found myself talking about why I do what I do every day... A few thoughts...

I have my own passion to make the world a better and peaceful place and I am achieving it through helping educators educate their audience in wellness and health.

My feeling is that if we can connect with our food and nutrition not only does it...

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This Was A Trip Of A Lifetime!

life Dec 24, 2017

This was a trip of a lifetime!

Really I think I am still trying to process everything that happened..

16 of us entered the canyon with all our food, clothes, camping and cooking gear for 15 nights... Such an amazing spectrum of emotions.

I missed Ellysia and the kids like crazy and enjoyed every second in the canyon.

Every time I took a photo I remember thinking this represented about 10% of...

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Apologies in Advance

life Dec 10, 2017

Apologies in advance: One quiet day, in a sleepy Rocky Mountain our group of 30 entrepreneurs left at 9:30 am on a bus ride to Silverton. We had lunch at the top and returned on a Steam Train down an amazing scenic railroad back to Durango by 5:30pm.

Not everyone loved it.

First person. The bus driver.

What happens when you get 30 creative brains and put them in a bus?

We talk. We...

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The Fisherman and The Banker

business Dec 03, 2017

When I first read this parable it changed my view on work and life. Now use it as a  reminder to keep things in perspective. Enjoy and the journey of entrepreneurship and live along the way. Do not wait for the destination, its an illusion. There is only the journey, so enjoy it!

Interestingly I refer to where as I live as a 'little fishing village'.

The Fisherman and The Banker


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