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Relationship Depth: An Essential Ingredient To Launching Products In The Health Wellness and Personal Development Space

Relationship Depth

Most online marketing is flawed for the health, wellness and personal development space. People looking for solutions in these areas buy from people they trust and who fit their unique needs, and this takes time.

Connecting and creating deep relationships online then becomes the biggest priority for health, wellness and personal development products.

Many people teach...

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Warning: Don't look down!

business health life Feb 05, 2018

Don't look down!

Sound familiar? 

How many times have you been told, or told yourself, don't look down.

Maybe climbing a ladder, going up a chairlift, driving on a steep windy road or even climbing a mountain. 

What happens when we ignore the advice and actually look down?

Usually, one of two things. Nothing OR an instant surge of fear. 

If nothing has happened then it maybe...

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8 Questions To Start Your Day

business health life Jan 04, 2018

For me, routines are one of things I attribute many of my successes to. When I grew up playing tennis, my success was around creating and executing routines. The week before competition, days before, night before, at the venue, 30 minutes out all the way to the individual points including before serving and returning routines.

When I was at my physical best a year or two back I had my routines....

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Daily Needs

health Nov 26, 2017

From personal experience and observations only...

  • Every day we need to care for our mental and physical health.
  • Every day you must treat your mind with respect and fuel it with positivity.
  • Dream big dreams. Spend time in nature. Appreciate the earth.
  • Become fascinated with the size of the night sky.
  • Spend time with people who talk about amazing things.
  • Share experiences with other like minded...
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Thank You Ocean

health life Nov 12, 2017

Back when I was 24 I was suffering from stress induced angina. My heart was in physical pain and it was sore, tingly and the aching grew whenever I thought about ‘work’.

I felt trapped. It was one of my first full time jobs and I remember feeling like I was loaded with all this work that needed to be done, however the environment was not making it possible to achieve it.

Most of the...

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