Why I love launches

business Feb 23, 2018

I love launches.

Launches, launches launches... Firstly lets talk about the elephant in the room.

A 'launch' can only happen once. It happens at the start of the business or product and then its always available for sale. This must be true right?

Yes, and no.

The word 'launch', thanks to a good friend of mine Jeff Walker, has an evolved definition in the online marketing world.

So lets start defining it:

A launch can happen once or many times for the same product.
A launch can happen in the early phase of a product's life or many years down the track.
A launch can be for many products at the same time.
A launch can have a huge budget or a tiny budget.
A launch can have many moving parts or very few moving parts.
A launch can take months to create and plan or days or weeks.
A launch can be for a low priced offer or for a very high end offer.
A launch can be designed to generate high revenue or build followers or both.
A launch can have many people promoting it, run to your own followers, use paid ads or all of these.
A launch can be pre-recorded polished video or it can be run live.
A launch can be for digital products, physical products, services or all three.
A launch can be used in almost every niche!
A launch can be done via email, Facebook or both separately or at the same time!
A launch can be a technical nightmare or they can be smooth sailing (its getting easier every year to launch)
A launch needs a big specialist team or can be completed by yourself!

So hopefully that clears everything up... Thanks for reading!

Only kidding 😃 ...

Lets start to rebuild the definition of a 'launch'.

A 'launch' is an online education based outcome centric journey, which builds an relationship and gives the consumer a deep understanding about a specific problem and ways to solve this problem. At the end of this journey the customer will be clear how to solve this problem them self, or accept the offer (product, service or knowledge) which will solve it for them.

So, there you go... Sounds simple right?

Well, again yes and no...

There a so many horror stories out there about launches and if they are right for 'me'. If you are doubting if these can benefit your business, welcome to the online world.

The majority of people who have not launched think exactly these thoughts.

This will not work for me because...
My business is different because...
My customers cannot learn online...
People want to access me directly...
I cannot afford the time or money...
I am not good at writing / video...
I do not have a tech team...
No one is going to want to learn from me...
I hate selling... I cannot sell...

Actually, lets talk to this latest one... I love this one...

Can I ask you a different question... Do you love your topic? Does your voice change and you get almost childlike with excitement when you talk about your topic? Do you love helping people? When people hear you talk about what you do are they really interested and want to know more? Have you helped people? Have you already had clients get results?

Ok, if you answered yes to most of these, well guess what. You are passionate about your topic and already 'selling'.

Well, not 'selling'.

Let's change that word selling because it is too loaded with bad energy.

Lets change that word to 'accepted offer'.

I believe that YOU cannot sell someone. THEY sell themselves.

YOU simply put an offer out there and THEY accept it.

If they do not accept it, "no worries, not yet".

Do not take it to heart, just keep smiling, keep listening, keep loving your topic until you find your ideal customers.

Ok, slightly off on a tangent but lets bring this back...

So the advantages of launches are the ability to do this online, in a scalable way to many times thousands more people than otherwise possible.

It is a specific structured way of pulling your conversation together in a way that is designed to efficiently help someone understand. You take a big group of people on a journey and create amazing relationships with people what you are yet to meet. The specific journey is deigned to educate people about what they do not yet know and showcase you and the people you have helped as amazing examples of this...

Over the last 8 year I have been closely involved with over 60 launches. Some of these I have been in the trenches writing code, emails and on the support tickets. Others at a strategic and management level.

Most of these have been in the health, wellness and personal development space. Launching documentaries, food products, meditation courses, coaching programs, books, online courses and much more.

Many many things are different and it is so interesting so many are the same....

If you are ever considering launching your product, check out this workbook I have created for myself and my clients.

Awesome, oh and one other thing. Have fun with launches. Launch often. Don't take yourself too seriously, rest, eat nutritious food and smile :)