Thoughts on peace

life Jan 01, 2018

In replying to an email about the opportunity for world peace I actually found myself talking about why I do what I do every day... A few thoughts...

I have my own passion to make the world a better and peaceful place and I am achieving it through helping educators educate their audience in wellness and health.

My feeling is that if we can connect with our food and nutrition not only does it make us physically and mentally better, it brings us closer to the land and our food source. This task of real food supply which is not possible in isolation.

We are then led to co-create relationships with mutual benefits of health and survival. In turn we will respect and nurture each other as humans and our relationship platform as a tribal units is created. Together we can then see oneness in everything from the land to the food sources to each other. Working together there is an abundance of what is important in life.

We would then would realise that by removing the ego and treating each other as pure extensions / reflections of ourself with a purpose and a mission we would live in harmony and see abundance in all aspects of life. We would see the errors in the current 'system' and choose a new cooperative system with abundance as the foundation..

That is how I am trying to create world peace and change the surface of the planet back to its amazing beautiful green and unpolluted self. If we pollute the environment on which we depend we are poisoning ourselves..

World peace starts with inner peace and instilling that belief in everyone you touch.. The ripple effect is powerful and achievable..

So there you have it... A few thoughts to ponder..

This photo is a nice winter sunrise on our beach with a nice little swell coming in :)