This was a trip of a lifetime!

adventure life Dec 25, 2017

This was a trip of a lifetime!

Really I think I am still trying to process everything that happened..

16 of us entered the canyon with all our food, clothes, camping and cooking gear for 15 nights... Such an amazing spectrum of emotions.

I missed Ellysia and the kids like crazy and enjoyed every second in the canyon.

Every time I took a photo I remember thinking this represented about 10% of the actual beauty and scale I am seeing through my own eyes.

Everything was amazing.. from the friends to the hikes, the amazing scenery to the teamwork, the challenges, the rescues, to the scorpions under mattresses and in my shirt. The challenging rapids and facing the real chance of flipping..

Every day was the best day yet. Every day on its own was worth the effort of the whole trip. It was amazing to experience the dimension of time slow right down.

We could stare at a rock wall for hours and be amazed. We slept after lunch. We sat around a fire at night watching the moon shadows across the massive canyon walls. We experienced no moon and a starlit night at the start and a full moon at the end of the journey.

There was only one way in and one way out. At the halfway point the closest civilisation was a 5000 ft 6-hour desert hike.

The hikes to clear waterfalls were amazing. Visiting ancient ruins was amazing.

Being a private trip we were able to make the plans up as we went along and spend long days and calm afternoons on the water.

An experience I will be talking about for the rest of my life and has changed me forever! 

Thank you to Jeff for the invitation to this life-altering trip!

Thank you, Jim and Lori, for making the whole trip a huge success and thanks to all my new friends for looking after the Aussie!