Relationship Depth - Ingredients To A Successful Launch

business Feb 19, 2018

Relationship Depth

Most online marketing is flawed for the health, wellness and personal development space. People looking for solutions in these areas buy from people they trust and who fit their unique needs, and this takes time.

Connecting and creating deep relationships online then becomes the biggest priority for health, wellness and personal development products.

Many people teach marketing strategies that just do not ‘feel right’ and as a result, many people fear marketing and feel like they need to go to the ‘dark side’ to create a sustainable online business in this field.

If this is you, I have good news. You are right. If it doesn’t feel right then it is NOT. Many of the online marketing approaches do not work with our audiences.  

Basically, it rubs people the wrong way and turns the most amazing customers and clients off.

The solution is not to abandon marketing altogether. The structure works. However we need to take a different attitude toward how we communicate who we are and how our solution might be a great match for their needs.

Sounds easy, right? Well, let’s dig into it…

People in the health, wellness and personal development arena do not like being squeezed, blasted, tripped, sold or upsold. In fact, I bet you wouldn't like it, either!

These words are common in today's online business marketing.  If you find yourself using them, let’s do a little word swap.

In my world and my clients' worlds, we substitute:

squeeze ->  opt in

blast -> communicate

trip -> initial step

sales -> offer

upsell -> additional help

Instantly you can feel the energy change, and whereas before you may have experienced some resistance, you now feel like it is something that you actually want to do!

For example: An opt in page needs to feel like there is a genuine currency exchange happening. When requesting an email address, Facebook like, or follow on Instagram or YouTube, remember what you are asking them for. Their time and attention to you. Respect that!

These different channels ARE a currency. We know that your success is directly related to the number of people you can communicate with directly, and the depth of those relationships.

Simply put, Success = Followers / People Listening x Depth Of Relationship


Most online marketing is looking to increase their followers as much as possible and forget that the real success lies in the depth of the relationships.

In fact, I would argue, that is ALL that matters.

So, invest in creating real relationships and treat people with respect.

Do not talk shallow talk. Share yourself and build relationships. Respect people's time and attention.

I know many people with very successful online businesses who have a relatively small number of followers, but the relationship level is so high that they outperform other people consistently, time after time.

Focus on relationship depth…

The flashy cars, the big houses, the ego-driven marketing basically lands on deaf ears in the health, wellness and personal development space.

So focus on really connecting with people as humans and friends.

I know this to be true and I watch it every day with several of my private clients.

So please, add this approach into your world, too!

Exercise 1:

Take a few minutes to write down how you best build relationships in your everyday world. What do people love to hear you talking about? What do people love? How do you make people pay attention?