Reflection, gratitude and big announcement

adventure business life Nov 21, 2016


I have been busy!! For the last 7 years or so I have been working, mainly behind the scenes, helping amazing people grow their businesses online.

In the wellness space I have worked closely with people like Reid Tracy from Hay House launch their online courses, James Colquhoun and Laurentine Colquhoun ten Bosch from Food Matters launch documentaries, and superfood products plus others like Guy Lawrence and Stu from 180 Nutrition, Jon Gabriel from The Gabriel Method, Carren Smith and so many other awesome people.

Also, amazing Author speaker and coach, Ann Wilson, improve peoples lives with financial freedom.

PLUS working with the amazing Susan Garrett who just blows her followers hearts wide open as they fall deeper and deeper in love with their amazing dogs.

Setup a Power House office with great buddies and entrepreneurs Justin Brown and Gideon Shalwick...

Another fun one was masterminding and planning documentary project Night Rider with Mark Visser to surf a 50ft wave at night which, when released crashed the Vimeo servers and went viral.

Very close to my heart, my business partner Julie Cairns and I, launched The Abundance Code documentary and business which continues to be a huge and wonderful project and took over 3 years to complete! Thanks to the amazing contributors Jeff Walker Bill O'Hanlon JB Glossinger Ruth Buczynski Victoria LaBalme Roger James Hamilton Dr John Demartini John Assaraf Reid Tracy Robert Holden Tim Hallbom and Kris Hallbom Jon Gabriel Satyen Raja Sonia Simone and Sherry Buffington

I have been invited to speak at events both here in Australia and overseas PLUS I have been a guest expert in other people's amazing online courses like Yvette Luciano's Soulpreneurs.

To do all of this, I've travelled from Brisbane to America 20 times (I just counted these now!) to learn, spend time and create awesome friendships with some truly amazing people.

One trip was to spend 16 days rafting down the Grand Canyon with Jeff Walker. A magical experience with fascinating discussions. (Yea, maybe we talked about launches)

All of these fun things from this little place called The Sunshine Coast Australia... which I have loved sharing with guests like Will Hamilton from Fuzzy Yellow Balls, Sébastien The French Marketer, Cecile, Farukh ShroffHeidi DeCouxStig Åvall Severinsen (who currently holds the record for 'longest breath hold of 22 minutes'), Per Bristow (from The Singing Zone) and Susan Garrett, who comes here again in 2 weeks! Lee Richter is visiting soon in December, plus in 2017 more amazing people including two of the nicest people in the world Stu McLaren and Amy Dow McLaren (and their 2 wonderful kids).

Thank you to everyone...

So, 2017 and the announcement...

This year I am doing something new again. I am creating a mastermind group!


The greatest thing I have seen in the last 7 years is that amazing things grow from and happen with the love and support of groups.

Because guess what? Everyone has blind spots. Everyone has doubts and fears. Everyone changes their mind all the time.

Everyone has personal events which change the season of their growth. Everyone needs to grow personally to grow their business. Everyone comes up against obstacles which, by themselves they cannot find ways around...

Progress is hardest to achieve in isolation... The fastest and most fun way is come together and share the journey and celebrate the successes with like minded people. Acting somewhat like One Great Mind.

Surrounded by people who are clear and dedicated to take their message to a greater audience and drawn to have an impact and lead others to a better future.

And to be honest, one of the things I love to do is bring people together!

Solutions to today's problems are going to need a greater mindset to solve.

Because I believe that we live in a world filled with dichotomy..

- Technology is both connecting us and disconnecting us.

- People are becoming free and others becoming slaves.

- Minds are expanding with possibilities while people are taking less action.

- Looking to the sky, our known universe is becoming larger while more and more of us are looking down into our phones.

- Beauty exists all around while we are conditioned to see only flaws.

We are amazing and we can now reach and impact people we have never met.

The future needs people confident to take their idea, their message to a bigger and greater audience.

People who are dedicated to healing shaping minds and therefore the future of the generations to come.

The job is too big for any one of us. We will not be able to do it alone. Nor should we do it alone.
We need to work together. As One Great Mind.

I believe this is possible. I really believe in the power of working together as individuals for a vision greater than ourself.

So, for many years people have been asking me to put together a group. The right group to belong to. A group where there is a combination of sharing my latest knowledge plus combining like minded people, having accountability, inspiration to achieve and create something way more impactful than the sum of the parts.

So this is what I am doing. Bringing together a group of people wanting to be around a group of like minded people and supporting each other to heights they may have never before considered.

What I CAN see clearly is a group of amazing people.
Healthy. Smiling. Not stressed. High performing. Lifestyle oriented. Impact focussed. Open, honest, action Takers. Big thinkers, big believers.

All operating together for a better future like One great Mind...

We are going to have some fun!

If any of this sounds interesting to you, if you know you are sitting on a pile of potential and want to make 2017 an amazing year...

If you want to find out more information about what is happening and spend a bunch of time with me and other like minded people this year let me know using the link below!!!

Super excited for 2017!!!