Jan 24, 2018

Every day we are surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

Our own bodies, the sun, moon, stars, the ocean, the wind, the animals and insects all around us.

We are a part of one complete and fascinating system. Our breath is dependant on others. Our food and nutrition relies on other people. Our joy involves other people, even when experienced alone.  

I remember when you used to say goodbye to someone you did not really know when you would talk them again. What if their phone number changed, or postal address?

I can only imagine what it would have been like for my grandparents generation. They may never talk to the person they just met ever again, let alone see them again. 

If this were now... How would you cherish that interaction? Would you be mentally distracted or would you be present? What if books and people were your only form of interaction again. You would cherish the simple act of conversation or flicking the pages of a book?

Imagine how slow time would become. How clear your mind would listen. How in the present moment you would be...

How would you see life? People, nature, wonder, significance, insignificance, fascination and happiness. 

What simple things would bring you joy?

Today there are so many things fighting for our attention..

And, honestly we are carrying them around in our pockets... Our devices have become a new addiction to the point that people are risking their families life while looking at a screen while driving a car.

Are things really that important or are we just addicted? What if there was no little red number to show you how many notifications there are... Would we invest our time again?

Having said all this, there are many many amazing things our devices can give us.

These are 'windows into anther world' are amazing. We can connect with some of the greatest minds alive today. We can tune in to peoples thoughts, be kept up to date with any of our topics of interest and build relationships with other people...

It has changed the face of education. Now we can join a course and learn from some of the worlds best in real time. We can have virtual classroom seats in classes which has never been possible before. 

Knowledge about health, science and every other topic you can think of is spread around to anyone who wants to learn.

We are inspired by other people. The places they visit or the activities and experiences they pursue. 

This is all magical, however... This is a 'window into another world'. 

We need to connect with our world and all the magic it holds. The physical world. The tactile world. Real smells, real sounds, real experiences. 

Let's be motivated by what we see on our 'screens' to inspire us to live a more full 'real life'.

What can you do right now?

Open a window and feel the air on your face? Feel how the air moves around. Ask yourself where has it come from and where is it going? 

Look outside at night and look at the moon and stars. Seriously. Stop and just try and comprehend what is going on there! Watch them move across the sky.

Watch the sunrise or sunset. Marvel at how we can be warmed by an object so far away. How this object is essential for all life on our planet. How amazingly this energy is turned into life.

Breathe the air. Again another amazing thing. How does our amazing body even work? The systems in place that are constantly processing food, rebuilding cells, detoxifying itself, fighting off bugs and so much more.

Stop and watch an insect with fascination. A fly, a bee, an ant. Think of where they are, how big their world is and what are they actually doing in the moment. Try and see how they are built. Their legs, their joints, their eyes!

Basically, take time to slow down and observe all of the magic that you belong to. You are also a critical part.

Inspired by: The bees outside our window this morning :) 

I made this short video this morning walking past one of our bushes. It turned out way more professional than what I expected! iPhone 7 on slow motion :)