Keep moving through fear

life Nov 20, 2017

It is SO interesting to watch how peoples eyes and hearts are taken hostage. Fear paralyses.

I have been intimately involved with 30+ launches. Tens of thousands of orders resulting in 10's of millions of dollars in sales.

I know how these usually play out ,amazing products making peoples lives even better...

Last night was an exception to the usual launch close pattern...

Interestingly, as soon as the election results became tight in the last 5 hours of the day everyones eyeballs started looking somewhere else. We could see it in the traffic. We could see it in the sales. We knew the world was really distracted.

Fear paralyses people. Everyone stops. They stop moving. They stop thinking. They stop dreaming. They wait.

It is probably survival. In the presence of a threat, survival is to become unseen.

So how do we combat fear, we start moving, we start thinking again. We start dreaming. We tap into our purpose. We become a better person.

Fear and anger may cloud our initial reactions. Hard to see the clarity inside all that emotion... But, just start moving again.

Do not pretend everything is not as it is...

Instead, maybe for the first time, see things as they really are. Because this is really the only place from where real change starts.

Love each other and remember we are actually all one. The human experience is amazing and this planet is full of beauty. We all share this life filled rock and travel around a galaxy of which size is hard to comprehend.

We are significant and we are blessed.