Just a quick reminder...

business Oct 25, 2019

Just a quick reminder that we are in our final hours of the Offer Academy Course Beta Intake!

You can check it out here! http://michaelmaidens.com/join

I am back home from the USA and literally heading out the door to an engagement party  :)

The time in the USA was so fun and the audience and event that James Wedmore and his team put together were so amazing!

The topic of my 45-minute presentation was How To Craft Your Offer, but what the audience received (you may have been in the room too) was so much more!

Over 500 people were in the room and over the following days, it felt like almost 200 amazing people thanked me personally which was so humbling. People shared their takeaways the event was from the presentation!

The exciting news... most of the things I spoke about are topics we go into depth on in The Offer Academy Course  :)

So if you want to create an Offer that you fall in love with and as a result build your business success then you have a few hours left to join our Beta group!


Thanks again and talk to you soon!