Full circle and a bit more!

adventure business life Oct 14, 2021
A super cool thing just happened! Something just came full circle and a bit more!
So, inside The Offer Academy Coaching Program learning materials I talk about the concept of:
Selling to your FUTURE FRIENDS...Yep, your FUTURE FRIENDS... not your current friends...
So how do you sell to your 'future friends'?
What I find to be true and I teach is that the most ideal customers to your business are customers you love. I teach to be deliberate to only attract customers you will want to work with. (This is counterintuitive for most people getting started, but trust me, business sucks dealing with the wrong customers). And when I say wrong customers I mean, wrong customers for YOU.
They may be a perfect fit for someone else and yes, the right customers are a PERFECT FIT FOR YOU. Anyway, slightly off track...Future friends...
So how can you sell to your future friends?
What I have found to be true is that many of my good friends, people I share many things with, I was a student of theirs first. I bought their courses, I executed on their content and a relationship naturally formed... I also think it is a great compliment to actually take action when someone gives you advice. Plus, just being authentically YOU and showing up as a GOOD HUMAN,  you get results, they see a student succeed and that is the foundation for a great relationship, including all the things you have in common.
So, when I first came across this to be true was with Gideon Shalwick then later with Jeff WalkerI remember buying Gideon's courses, back in 2010, 2011 and going through them all and executing on what I was learning... (Don't get me wrong... I also love to be a paying student of my friends too... for example Stu McLaren, James Wedmore, Per Bristow Stig Åvall Severinsen Justin Brown are people I was friends with before becoming a student...)
Anyway with Gideon, we found out we lived within an hour of each other and one thing led to another and then we were playing tennis. I remember at the time thinking,  I feel like I know this guy so well from all the content and videos I have watched, but in the other direction he really he doesn't know me from a bar of soap.
The same was true with Jeff Walker and then the day after an even I was playing doubles with him at the hotel tennis court.  (Jeff and I have gone on to spend literally many hundreds of hours together and having a super fun time)
Anyway, back to Gideon. He and I are also still friends, have spent a lot of time together, shared an office, played in the ocean and generally pondered life and business together. We both debrief life and 3 kids and all things online. Enjoying this dance of life with like minded people...
The point is, we get to choose our customers and I believe, you should think about choosing them as future friends. You will then be your authentic self AND you will show up and deliver on your product and offering.
Anyway, what triggered this post... Today Gideon was inside The Offer Academy Coaching Program and he sent me a message:
"You're on fire!" Which is a huge compliment! Because Gideon knows his stuff!
Back in 2011 Gideon sold to a future friend (me) and now he is enjoying the content inside The Offer Academy. It is a fun dance this game of online business and life. So, be a nice human and choose your customers like you would choose your friends.
Let me know by typing "YEP" below if you want to know more about getting a spot in The Offer Academy Coaching Program. We can have a quick message back and forth to see if it might be a good fit for you.
Have a good afternoon!