Double check who you are listening to

adventure business life May 11, 2020

Who is the devil on your shoulder?

It’s Monday and this morning I said to Ellysia, “today feels like it is a good day to be productive and get a lot done”.

Literally 5 minutes later I get a video text message in our kite surfing WhatsApp group to say, “the wind has swung and it’s on! What time are we all kiting?”

It is perfect for a 25km downwinder ocean kitesurf!!! Something that has not happened for months!!!

So... I sit here pondering...

Who is the devil and who is the angel on my shoulder?

Was the devil the one telling me to work?

Society would have us believe the opposite...

Society would tell us that the devil was telling you to play when you should be working...

But what if your play allowed you to do great work?

What if your play should be your work?

What if there is a way of combining them?

So, double check who you are listening to and check to see if it’s not the devil dressed in angels clothing 🙂

This is true in so many aspects of life, not just deciding if I should kitesurf or work on a Monday!