Warning: Don't look down

adventure business life Feb 05, 2018

Don't look down!

Sound familiar? 

How many times have you been told, or told yourself, don't look down.

Maybe climbing a ladder, going up a chairlift, driving on a steep windy road or even climbing a mountain. 

What happens when we ignore the advice and actually look down?

Usually, one of two things. Nothing OR an instant surge of fear. 

If nothing has happened then it maybe you are naturally not scared of heights or you have become used to the height... 

For everyone else, what is going on here?

One second we are fine and the next second a wave of fear comes over us. Our movement freezes, we cannot feel our hands or feet as well as previously. Potentially we feel dizzy and feel like we are in a dangerous situation.

Our mind goes into 'story creation' mode with scenarios of what if's and it usually does not end well.

So, what is going on here, what are the parallels with business and how do we handle these situations? 

"Don't look down" has the same impact on us when we are looking at projects within our business.

Even more so when we are selling our own personal knowledge and skills and are the one responsible for so many aspects of the whole business. 

We sometimes think about all the things that could go wrong.

These can be triggered by many things:

Hearing about someone who is doing the same thing as you.

Potentially someone with a similar product name.

Maybe you have had a few big customers no longer need your services or products that previously sold easily are no longer selling.

For many of us, our mind goes into overdrive and it starts creating scenarios which have their roots in fear. 


Fear paralyses. 

And, usually in these situations, standing still is the worst thing to do.

Standing still may 'feel' like a safe place. However it is only safe for a very short while. 

So what do you do?

3 things - Gratitude, Reflect, Keep Moving

GRATITUDE - Give gratitude. Give gratitude for everything that you learn every day. All the great things and not so great things all add up. Start with gratitude.

REFLECT - Specifically reflect on all the amazing people you have helped with your knowledge. Reflect on your journey and all of the things that you have overcome on your path to here.

These can be financial obstacles, relationships or customers. Think of the tricky situations that you have already overcome in the past. 

Fill yourself up with the CONFIDENCE that comes with previous success. 

Then move on to the next step

KEEP MOVING - This may be in a different direction or the same direction. But you cannot let the fear take over your body. 

Just like if we are on the mountain side. Freezing still will only lead to worse situations ahead. The night fall will come and the options get smaller and smaller as time goes on. Then your only option may be to stop and build a shelter for the night waiting for a rescue. 

You can keep moving by giving an old customer a call to see how they are progressing and give them something of use. Alternatively, you can find a place to simply share your wisdom. 

I have met many people who have amazing businesses after simply writing blog articles for their own personal therapy and expression. They simply kept moving.

So, just like climbing a ladder or going up a ski lift. If you get a glimpse of how high you have already climbed and it scares you, do 3 things. Gratitude, Reflect, Keep Moving :)

I thought this photo was fitting. I took it from a chairlift ride just a few days ago in Park City, Utah after 2 days of masterminding with some great friends.