Do year view calendars not work for you too?

business Aug 11, 2016

Is it just me or do 'year view calendars' not work for you too?

When I say calendars I mean the way years are typically laid out. Flip ones by month do not work for me because the weeks are broken bridging months.

The big wall calendars either have all the days of the week across the top repeating the dates in a row. Again, there are gaps between the end of a month and the start of the month depending on the total number of days etc.

I always find myself in a spreadsheet creating a calendar to get a really good view of the year when planning.

I need to lookup why the calendar system was built the way it was built. My guess it was to confuse and disorient the masses  Even 7 days in the week... Surely it would be much neater divisible by 2 

Anyway, I create my own - 7 days across the top - one week per line - then I fill in the dates and week numbers..... Ahhhhh blisss for my mind...