Apologies in advance

adventure business life Dec 12, 2017

Apologies in advance: One quiet day, in a sleepy Rocky Mountain our group of 30 entrepreneurs left at 9:30 am on a bus ride to Silverton. We had lunch at the top and returned on a Steam Train down an amazing scenic railroad back to Durango by 5:30pm.

Not everyone loved it.

First person. The bus driver.

What happens when you get 30 creative brains and put them in a bus?

We talk. We dream we create, we explore ideas, we get excited and basically create magic. Our tour guide, bus driver friend at one stage asked us to put our hands up if we wanted him to stop talking.

The people in our group put their hands up, the other tourists on the bus kept their hands down. So, we all kept talking and so did he.

Second Person. The Train Conductor.

What happens when you put the same 30 of us into a railway carriage? We talk, we dream, we talk to each other, we laugh and have fun, we move around and stand in groups and we create magic.

This unfortunately was not inline wit the rules of leaving the walkways clear and standing the whole trip. He tried many times and may different ways to ask us to adhere to the instructions with little success.

Very nice guy and he saved the day when he sprinted through the carriages as the train caught fire… (ok maybe not on fire)

This day was the beginning of 4 massive businesses and a School in Kenya plus many amazing partnerships formed.

The moral of the story is simple: Entrepreneurs do not like to follow other peoples rules.

Sorry 9-5 doesn’t work for us, nor does a few weeks holiday a year. Sorry about getting excited about dreams and talking about them all the time.

So apologies in advance if we do not follow the rules - we are busy making our own.

Such a fun day!