If we are all a part of a greater system...

life Jun 08, 2020

If we are all a part of a greater system...

Do we all share a collective soul?

Do we all share a collective ego?

If this is true are we experiencing a collective 'dark night of the soul'?

The interesting thing I learnt from creating a documentary with Julie Cairns and Mark Falzon was an interview with the author Robert Holden...

He pointed out that when one experiences the dark night of the soul, that in fact, the 'soul' is completely fine.

It is the 'ego' that is the thing that is breaking down.

Usually, when one experiences a dark night of the soul, it is when nothing is working.

The story that your ego is holding onto is failing you.

In fact, this story is killing you. It reaches a point where true reflection of one's self is the only thing that can save you...

You need to look at yourself with true honesty, without ego, without stories of what you think is true and instead, maybe for the first time ever, look at what is actually true.

Potentially in isolation from COVID we have had the time to reflect. Time not distracted by busyness.

The time to look at what is important. The actually look forward to being in the presence of other humans. Humans. Seeing each other for what we are to each other.

Friends, companions, sharing these cycles around the sun on our pretty amazing rock.

So maybe, just maybe, we are experiencing a collective dark night of the soul/ego.

This is the place (some would say the only place) that a true and aligned future can be created.

The dark night of the soul is a hard place to be. It is uncomfortable and that is good.

Because the only way to get out of that uncomfortable place is action. And action is in the form of acknowledging the truth.

The new aligned future us built by being honest built only on top of what is true.

Let's build these new futures as individuals and as a collective and move through this dark night of the soul to a new and heart aligned world