Who remembers The Muppets?

business Mar 02, 2018

Who remembers The Muppets? You will want to check this out for so many reasons...

These guys were true masters of their craft. Back before there was any post production and special effects they were bringing to life characters from their own personalities.

Not many people realise that these guys were physically operating the characters AND doing the voices at the same time.

The situations these masters used to work in is nothing short of amazing.

This documentary is something you do not want to miss. True artists working together as an amazing team enjoying their art and entertaining many generations with their work.

What fascinated me was seeing the world from their point of view, their own personality and physical appearance in each of the characters AND the fact that each person played several characters and their voices.

Their art shaped generations and in this film they share the reason why it was so successful!

Thank you Frank Oz and your friends for your contribution to the world and thank you Victoria Labalme for bringing their gifts for us to keep their amazingness alive in each of us.

Guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone's face and a trip down memory lane! Share this around!