The Offer Academy Group Coaching Program

business Sep 28, 2021

Happy Tuesday!

Here's  a work project announcement and milestone news for everyone. For the last 10 years I have been helping people in the online knowledge space get their magic out into the world.  My approach is that, we all have a gift.  A gift to share with the world and there are many many people who need YOUR wisdom from YOU.

While the knowledge may one aspect, YOU delivering the knowledge is actually what makes it a perfect fit for YOUR ideal client. Because of the people I usually work with they all seem so humble that many times they have many of the same problems when it comes to putting their knowledge out there, and creating a business and offer they are really excited to talk about.

The 3 big problems are: Self Confidence, Product Confidence, Uncomfortable Talking about what they have for sale.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Well, not only are you alone, some of the people who you likely follow or look up to and appear to have it all together are thinking the same thing. Yes, I have had clients who are amazing authors for big companies say to me,  "Who am I to be talking about this topic?" just before launching their book!

I have amazing world champions in many fields doubting themselves and would anyone really see any value in what they have to teach? Yes! The best in the world think these thoughts too.

I have worked with many, many, amazing people to not only see their value, but communicate it in a way that feels warm, authentic, and creates a loving community of customers they cannot wait to work with!

Online business is bombarded with advice and promises all of your problems will be solved. Honestly, most of it I do not resonate with, but some I do.

Over the last 10 years, I have approached things in a way that I feel is unique. I start with the heart and connect human to human. Yes, stats, numbers and data are great (I have a university degree in data) but ONLY AFTER you have connected HUMAN TO HUMAN first.

Nothing lights me up more than THE CLICK! The MOMENT OF REALISATION!!! They shine the light on the big monster… When they go from “How do I get customers?” to “Ohhh, is that IT? Well, I can do that!” It is absolutely cool! 

In person or on Zoom they look ‘lighter’.  The corners of their mouths turn upwards. Yes they get it! Like a big relief on a few levels.

Firstly, that they can get their magic out into the world…

Secondly, they feel proud that their dream is a huge step closer to reality...

Thirdly, what this might mean for them and their future!

And a bonus…

Fourth… THEY WERE RIGHT!  All along, all those weeks, months, years of doubt... the people who said it was not possible… the devil on the shoulder too were not right…

The shift in thinking… The shift in approach is what I love to see people ‘get’... It is what I do, it is what I have been doing for years and my clients have hundreds of thousands of happy customers  (yep you read that correctly… I have helped to create hundreds of thousands of paying customers)

So, yes…

The place where a NEW LIFE BEGINS.
The ACCEPTANCE of the OFFER is the place where YOU with the GIFT, meet the CUSTOMER with the NEED and the TIME IS RIGHT.

I have been presenting on my approach for many years to thousands of people on stages when us Aussies could travel around the world! (One day again maybe)

So, if you are currently working on or would like to improve your offer and would like my help, this might be a good fit! This is going to be a close relationship. Working very close with my eyes directly on your Offer… (that was starting to sound creepy as I was typing it πŸ™‚ )

The program will be called The Offer Academy Group Coaching Program and is about to kick off. It will be a combination of knowledge, support, and community of like minded amazing people like yourself! It will be an intimate group to make sure I work out any kinks and also allow me to serve you and get you results!

Here is a little sneak peak into the structure and process to how I create an Irresistible Offer and the structure of the program! If you would like to work closely with me to create or improve a new or young offer this is GOING TO BE FUN!!!

I have all the details ready to send to anyone, so let me know in the comments below by typing OFFER or direct message me. Either way works...

Ok cool, back to finishing off the final decisions and trying to lock the perfectionist in me away. 

So, type OFFER if you want to know more, or message me OFFER or share this blog post with someone who might!

PS. These drawings are from the new Remarkable e-ink device and I am enjoying the productivity on it.