Simplicity in old school

business life Jul 27, 2017

Simplicity in old school.

Yesterday I held a full day workshop for a private client in Sydney. I wanted to voice record the discussions and decisions so we could focus on staying in flow and know the notes were on file and recorded.

I know there is a voice record app on the phone however, what if I run out of space, battery dies etc.

I found a few mics and they were not working nicely with the iPhone 7g well... so problems not solved.

So I went on search of my old dictaphone and found it! Problem batteries flat, solved within minutes it takes AAA. Then how much storage, I hit record and it was over 12hrs - easy. Then how can it pickup sound? a quick test the built in mics were awesome... how do I access the files? Plugin via USB and it appears as a drive.

It was a good reminder to me to remember to not over complicate things!!!

Yay for the good ol days 🙂