Puzzle of life

adventure life Nov 28, 2021
Here in Australia we are facing a two class citizen situation. Maybe it is similar all around the world. Second class, however... this is the big one... Previously ‘second class’ meant ‘less than’ a first class citizen. However, I think this is something to check in with. Two classes may in fact eventuate. However, there may or may not be a hierarchy there.
In fact, it may be inverse to the initial assumption. I always encourage deeper thinking about everything and love to always check when our brain creates defaults. My understanding is neural pathways are like driving in the sand, our brain wants to follow tracks already laid and goes in the car ahead (or previous patterns) tracks.
It takes a little more effort to break the car out of those tracks and go somewhere else or re-decide to jump back in those tracks.
All good fun this thinking game and puzzle of life.