One thing is for sure...

adventure business life Aug 31, 2021
One thing is for sure... How you treat other fellow humans especially friends will last a lifetime...
Will you hold some space for them?
Open your heart for them?
Will you listen to them?
Will you be there for them?
You do not have to agree with someone to have love empathy and compassion in your heart. Please be kind during this time.
In fact, sometimes that is all you can give and maybe that is what humanity needs a little bit more of right now.
Because no matter how we come out the other side of this, there will be a lifetime echo... An echo of how you showed up for other humans, how you treated friends and family.
That is what everyone will have to love with on the other side of all of this. No matter how it turns out.
I do believe good times are ahead. And I am looking forward to sharing the debrief with amazing people in magical places like this photo 3 years ago in Fiji!
Big hugs!