One of the things I love....

adventure life Aug 23, 2021
One of the things I love is the brain and how it works. Years ago I was listening to a wonderful friend Ruth Buczynski talk about neural plasticity. What I took away from the conversation was the importance of learning physical skills. I understood that it helps the brain not get into a groove of pattern thinking and as a result think laterally and yep with problem solving.
So, I started to chase new physical skills and I love the challenge. Kitesurfing gave me a huge learning curve and while that has mow flattened in steepness I am focussing on adding foiling into the mix.
I have been able to do it a little bit now it’s a bit more of a focus... 3 different types... Foiling behind a kite, JetSki and paddling in.
Today was paddling in, yesterday behind a JetSki. Have you learnt a new physical skill recently? I love the beginner's mind of new skills.