Life sucks too...

life Jul 22, 2016

Life sucks too. I just want to share an insight. I am super lucky to know many many super high achievers. Can I tell you a secret. They also experience the equal and opposite on the other end of the spectrum.

Emotional lows. 9 or 10 times this week I have had very intimate personal back and forths with people who are super high achievers and also feel lost and low. (Which I totally relate to)

So, please remember that to experience a full life is to experience the whole spectrum of emotions. The more you experience one direction the more you are likely to experience emotions in the equal and opposite direction. This is ok too.

We get to live full spectrum lives, and after all, contrast is what allows us to see the amazing emotions there are to experience!

Have fun with this life and remember every uncertainty is 100% normal and those who you are your idols are exactly the same as you and potentially experiencing more doubt and uncertainty 

You are normal, the doubt is normal, you are also superhuman!