Let’s create a love for a better future

business life Jun 01, 2020

Mourning... and a time to re select.

The world has changed and will never be the same. This can be bad and this can be good however the mourning is a real thing...

Like a relationship which no longer matches or a death of a loved one, the pain is real and the sadness of a previous know world is no longer.

For the majority of people world wide isolation changed the life we knew.

Industries closed down and is people took time stationary.

A huge contrast to the busy world we were accustomed... a time to reflect on who we are as people, communities and the system on which that life relied.

Authorities were looked upon to protect and navigate at this vulnerable and unknown time...

However with time on our hands and information flowing faster than ever before many started to question and want to create a different future...

Personally I believe we are all interconnected cells and are simply pieces of a greater unit.

From as small as the cells in our organs working together to function a task for the human body, our earth is a cell in a greater system of our galaxy. Our galaxy a cell in a greater system and so on.

At one of these scales are us as people. Each of us a cell of a greater system of human race, occupying this planet for a moment in time...

What I feel is this collective system of human cells is in pain.

We are hurting and we want to function in harmony. In peace and safety.

The old world was broken however we are mourning.

We are collectively rebuilding and with the rate at which information can travel between us cells, we can make a new world.

A fairer world. A cooperative world. An equal world. One where each cell has the ability to simply be itself.

A collective future of cels where evil is detoxed from the system.

Where good people can be good people. Because as cells of the one system we will all thrive collectively.

Cooperatively, as one...

This may not happen in my lifetime and rapid change actually may happen.

We are certainly in uncharted territory and while we are rebuilding let’s make good choices where evil is removed and the good can thrive.

Please let’s reselect a new future. Let’s build together as one collective system.

As people on this magical rock in a habitable zone close to our sun.

I believe that the high vibrational frequency can defeat the lower evil vibrations. Our choices, thoughts and actions are these frequencies in action.

Let’s do this together... we can only do this together...

Let love lead the way from a place of strength... love is not soft... love is one of the strongest forces and drivers that exists...

Let’s create a love for a better future for all people and let good defeat evil together...