Keep dreaming...just keep flapping

adventure life Nov 28, 2021
I’m combining two sayings here.
First, there is a saying, the best way to predict the future is to create it. Maybe it was Abraham Lincoln.
The second saying is along the lines of... if you want to create real change, you must be honest with your current reality and see the world as it really is. It may have been Tony Robbins.
Anyway, my combo... The best way to predict the future is to open your eyes and see the current reality of the world for what it really is. It’s changing and we need to be honest with ourselves and be involved in the creation of its future.
It feels very much in flux... A rebuilding is happening... I honestly believe it’s going to be way better than before. I think we have grown up, got to know each other, humanity and it’s flavours. I feel we are becoming a better version of ourselves. Maybe we were all caterpillars and now we are all hatching as butterflies... But, as a butterfly, we need to deal with a different environment. Honestly, your legs won’t work, chewing leaves won’t work.
You have wings now...New conditions are going to take you places you’ve never seen. It might seem scary at first to be flying, but, just keep flapping.
Keep dreaming and think way bigger than you’ve thought before.