I love thinking, maybe too much...

business life Sep 13, 2021

I love thinking... maybe too much...

But I do love it when sometimes the solution is the opposite of what might seem an obvious first solution. I find this the most fun and I have been doing this for 20ish years or so.

Firstly with software programming. Trying to look at things from every angle and push those scenarios well into the future. Combinations and permutations of a specific approach or options and decisions. As the solo programmer for big projects I held all the responsibility of smooth running or the fail-tire and therefore fighting fires ‘I’ created.

One of the approaches I learnt at university when working with logic and theories was:

To prove something to be true, you must also “Disprove its negation”.

Sometimes, this was a faster and clearer approach. It also opens up a whole extra dimension of thinking because to disprove the negation you need to suspend your own view for a while. Embrace the possibility of the opposite being true. Then, seek from that viewpoint more insights. It’s so fun and I have been doing it since that university lecture over 20 years ago. It’s a magical practice and opens you up to see the world from so many angles. Sometimes solutions are simple adjustments to how something is viewed or a slight strategy tweak.

This picture and story is an example of that. The solution being the opposite of the first obvious. This story may or may not be true, it may be just a parable however, the lesson is transferred.

Where in your life, relationships or business might this be true or you have experienced?

(Fun fact... As a typed this a humpback whale and it’s calf just blew air right in front me - see the two spouts on the horizon in the right side of this photo)