Ever heard of the term Jump the shark?

life Jul 13, 2021
Have you ever heard of the term “Jump the shark”?
If not, my interpretation is, basically when a storyline does something way beyond the current storyline that is becomes unbelievable, which I’m turn makes you question and doubt all that came before.
Jumping the shark is then referred to as the beginning of the end. When the people stopped believing, stopped following and are left with Spence of being ripped off.
The term is used to refer to many things mainly television series and people can pin point when the show ‘jumped the shark’. The name came from the famous Happy Days tv series when Fonzie, jumped the shark.
Anyway. just interesting to be aware of and look for in life and understand when something doesn’t seem right or changes flavour in your mind, that it’s a real thing to take notice of .