Entrepreneur inspiration to start the week

business May 29, 2017

Happy Monday everyone!!

Some Entrepreneur inspiration to start the week 

I need to share this with you for 2 reasons. One is that I have been following Roger for over 10 years and really like everything he teaches. Secondly, I have been helping Roger and the team create this series and know how awesome the content is 

So, If you currently have a business or are interested in transitioning a passion of yours into a business I suggest you make some time to check out these videos which Roger Roger James Hamilton has put together.

The way he explains concepts are deep and profound and really resonates with me. His models, stories and analogies I believe, make him one of the best teachers around.

His deep passion for flow and integration with yourself, those around you and nature is amazing.

So, it has been a great experience to help Roger with his current project. Last week he released Video 1 of this 3 part video series. Video 2 is coming out in the next day or two and these videos will only be available for the next week.

Even though I was with him when these were filmed, I have listened to these videos about 5 times each and every time I hear something new.

Anyway, jump in, check them out, learn a tonne about yourself, your path and your next area of growth!


Oh, you get extra points if you can spot the curly haired guy in the background :)