Enjoy the Marketing ride!!

business Sep 24, 2016

These days I spend most of my time in my marketing brain. Campaigns, launches, products, offers and so much more.

And to make these happen I need to spend time diving into my tech brain.

In my past life I was a programmer. I have had sales booths at Pharmacy conferences selling my software when I was 24. I travelled to Uruguay to sell software in Spanish, to McDonalds restaurants when I was 23. I designed and developed software to run a manufacturing plant with over 300,000 lines of code in it. Solo. I wrote some of the first systems using geographical information systems to map databases of houses on properties. I wrote software to run jewellery businesses, council job tracking, dry cleaning shops, business card print houses to name a few.

All good fun...

One thing which fascinated me, was, having an amazing product is not success. The success was in making an impact in peoples lives with your product. This required having your product exposed to the people who need it most, many people. I know. I had/have amazing software I have written sitting on my hard drive with no plan how to reach an audience.

This battle is what lead me to start studying marketing. I really didn't think it would turn into a new love affair. The customers internal journey was something that I was always in touch with when writing software. Their behaviours, how they would use the software, the problems it was solving, the systems and automation it was helping with them. The business intelligence being pushed into the software systems...

My software would give people and business hours per day of their life back. Sometimes the software would free up a full time person to work on better tasks. It would remove errors. Do things that were previously not possible. Give strategic business insights never before available. Automation and intelligence.

How this relevant for me today?

These days I love seeing people reach their market they deserve. I love peoples lives being impacted by an awesome product.

I know what it feels like when the product just sits there. You know its amazing. You just spent a huge part of your life creating it. You know it is going to help people, however you have no idea how to reach them.

So, this is what I do now. I connect amazing products to the people who need it most and change 2 peoples lives. The life of the product creator and the life of the customer.

So this video is a little bit of fun explaining my two worlds and the two hats I usually wear.

The Marketing/Product hat, sitting in the drivers seat and understanding direction and taking people on a journey...

And the Technology needs to make it all happen with the tech manager on the front making the track they created is all ok and understood.

From the train drivers seat, everything seems pretty smooth. The tech team seems quiet and its presumed there are no real hiccups...

This little video is usually what is happening. The Tech team thinking of scenarios ahead, reacting to things as they popup and no time to even explain what they are doing - usually going unnoticed.

To take it a step further - to actually match reality ... Imagine the marketing team had a steering wheel on the train and they did not have to stick to the tracks! This is why last minute changes usually rattle a tech team.

A well executed campaign needs team anda system who can make decisions juggling time, money, resources or features.

All good fun!!! Enjoy the Marketing ride!!