Do you ever feel like you need to change your workspace all the time?

business May 17, 2017

Do you ever feel like you need to change your workspace all the time?

Personally I have 3 different spaces around the house that I move between. I feel like I need to move my office around (even yesterday) for different phases. It drives Ellysia CRAZY!

Well guess what? I now understand why. A few weeks back I was in Bali with Roger creating his new video series. Inside the video series he shows the different spaces that he has specifically designed to be in energetic flow for various phases of your projects and business.

For different head spaces to need specific energies. There are times we need to be around people at cafe's. Other times we need white noise and be alone. Other times deep in nature and letting creativity come in.

Anyway...If you are interested in learning about Entrepreneurship and building a business which matches your personal genius then check this free series out.
I started following Roger's work about 10 years ago and this year we have been working together closely to help people experience his knowledge in a new and powerful way.

Next week he is releasing a free video series. The knowledge is profound and you will learn about how to be an inflow entrepreneur plus.
You might even see me in the background of some of the videos!! :)
This a super exciting time to be an Entrepreneur!