But what do we teach our kids?

life May 21, 2021
Serious question... Ellysia comes back to the table with one chicken wrap... she put it on the table and says, "this one is for either for Mia or Ethan".
Ethan says "mine".
And I then I told him that for boys, it is polite to offer it to the girls to see if they would like it and to look after them first...
Then... to myself I wonder...
Is that correct these days?
Is this offensive to females now?
Are we all meant to treat each other the same no matter the gender?
And where does this stop?
Holding doors open? Standing up for females? Offering a chair?
None of these things are ever implying any weakness toward the female. In fact, it's the opposite. It's a sign of respect and honour.
I see so much inclusion these days which is wonderful. Then, I also see a new massive divide in a new aspect of society happening too...
I am also starting to see the pronoun topic appear as to be inclusive with those who do not identify with a gender or the gender of their name.
So, what do we teach our kids these days?
I understand courtesy toward other humans is the bottom line, but is it not offensive for a male to be additionally courteous toward a female.
I don't know... But for me, it’s courteous and I like to show additional respect. I’ll always look out for females in my company. I’ll help in any way I can...
I often pay for food or coffees anyway, but more so for females, there is no other motivation except to be courteous, helpful and respectful.
But what do we teach our kids?
It’s a different world, changing daily or at least my brain feels like it is changing way too fast...
Thoughts? Open to any ideas...