Breathe, smile, connect, love...

business life Aug 28, 2021
There are lots of games where the people who can hold their breath the longest win.
Some are actual air, some are metaphorical air... Underwater ice hockey is actual breath holding. Free diving also actual breath holding - Stig Åvall Severinsen. Spear fishing... actual breath holding. Then you have other things like Emergency breath holding... like big wave surfing - Mark Visser.
Now in many cases, knowing you can hold your breath reduces your fear in the situations. Reducing fear then increases presence and awareness.
Anyway let’s think about metaphorical breath holding too. Changing jobs, how long can you go without an income to change into a better, more fulfilling lane? Starting a business etc. etc?
However, what worries me is when amazing people and businesses can no longer hold their breath. The bigger businesses can usually hold their breath longer than the small business therefore, the small business closes and the big business then has more market.
What if the people are exhausted from holding their breath? They give in. One of the things I learnt from my small amount of breath holding training from Mark Visser and Stig Severinsen is very profound.
My understanding is, every little micro stress accumulates and chews up valuable oxygen. This directly impacts the length of time you can hold your breath. When Mark gets hit by a big wave, his default now is to relax. That is his greatest chance of survival. Trust and relax.
When Stig goes for a record, he removes physical, mental, and emotional stress from his life. I wonder how true and how much this relates to the metaphorical use of the word too?
Maybe the more stress we can remove, or the more drama we can remove ourselves from, the longer we can hold our breath in times of severe stress.
Breathe, smile, connect, love...