Are we at a choice point?

business life Jul 13, 2016

Are we at a choice point?

I feel like we might be. This Pokemon thingy is really making me wonder about if we as a society are getting further or closer to nature.

The ripple effect of being further from nature is disconnection, isolation, stress anxiety, feeling lost and many more personal issues.

At a bigger level we lose the ability to have empathy, feelings toward animals, nature and eventually other humans if we are not in regular contact.

What might seem like a fun and innocent game (yes with potential business opportunities) feels more like a choice point. Personally this drives me closer to nature.

Look for real things, go for walks and find real animals, birds bugs creatures. There is an abundance of real things to marvel at in nature.

Maybe next there will be fake constellations in the sky.

Seriously. Try to be observant of the direction of your choices not just the individual choices.