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Welcome To The Offer Academy!

I LOVE Offers. I love talking about them, I love exploring them, I love crafting them and I love improving them!

But most of all I LOVE what offers DO. They CONNECT. They connect amazing solutions with people who need them.

A reliable and mature offer becomes something that turns a product or idea into a real business. Something you can depend and build around.

The Offer Academy is designed to talk about everything OFFERS to keep you moving forward and making the impact and creating the business you deserve!

Where Are You On Your Offer Success Path?

Which of these stages resonate with you the most?

STAGE 1 - DEVELOPING OFFER - In this stage you are developing your first offer or have a very basic offer. Your offer is generating a small and unreliable income for your business. You are understanding the market and what ideal prospects are willing to pay for. You are developing your value proposition and how your unique offer will match your audiences needs. 

Inside you are doubting if anyone would actually pay you and even more anxious about if this can become a reliable revenue source and business. 

STAGE 2 - SOLID OFFER - In this stage you have created and released your first SOLID offer. The offer is now bringing revenue into the business, however it is unpredictable and there are big variations of conversion rates. You are now observing how the market is responding to the components of the offer,  the resistance points and opportunities to mature the offer. You have several components of the offer working well for you and now developing the other aspects to add into the next offer iteration.  You are building confidence, however you are still nervous about your offer and do not fully believe in yourself and the value your offer represents. 

STAGE 3 - STRONG OFFER - In this stage you now have a STRONG offer. You are analysing conversion data, prospect and customer feedback and enhancing several of the major offer components. Your conversion rates are improving and your overall offer includes all of the components. You know which audiences are ready for your offer. You have created different offer packages and are tracking how each audience responds to the options or payment plans. Your Offer is providing reliable income for your business and you are working with some close partners to present your offer to their audience. Your confidence is now building and you are now excited about presenting your offer AND no longer speaking from your head and now speaking from your heart.

STAGE 4 - AWESOME OFFER - Your offer is AWESOME! It provides the business with a reliable and significant income source. Your results are predictable and your are now confident to spend advertising revenue on your traffic. You whole offer resonates with the market and you can predict its performance for cold, warm and hot audiences. You know your numbers and your market language is very attractive. Affiliate partners are promoting your offer with reliable results. You have several traffic sources and conversions are continuing to strengthen. You are both confident in your offer and confident in seeking promotional partners.

STAGE 5 - IRRESISTIBLE OFFER - Your offer is IRRESISTIBLE! Your whole business revolves around your offer and its predictable results. Your offer is presented to cold, warm and hot audiences with predictable results. Affiliate partners support and promote your offer and they have reliable results each time. They trust your ability to promote, convert and produce results for their audience. Your offer is in demand and your customers are experiencing and sharing their successes. You, your product and offer are well known in the market and there is high demand for it.

The Offer Academy Is Focussed on

Each week of every month new content is added to the membership site

Week 1
How To

Quickly apply fast and actionable topics, templates, scripts and messaging to enhance your offer!

Rapid application is the focus for this week to ensure that you can make progress with your offer no matter how much time you have!

Week 2

With a deeper understanding you can make informed decisions and mature your offer faster!

30-45 minute deep dive into offer topics. You can expect to deepen your understanding about a part of an offer or a particular tactic or strategy.

Week 3
Guest Expert

Save yourself hours or months of trial and error by understanding the collective knowledge of these experts! 

Our monthly guest experts will share their knowledge on what is working and not working keeping up with the latest opportunities.

Week 4
Member QnA

Your specific questions answered! 

The objective here is to keep you moving forward! 

As your specific questions and each month we will keep everyone making progress along the success path!!!

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