Your Legacy Is Your Greatest Gift.

Everything we interact with every day is a result of someone creating and leaving a legacy.

Legacies are all around us. Everything from the intelligence in our phones to the technology in our transport, the exploration of outer space and the navigation of the deepest canyons.

Legacies are what defines the world today and therefore the world in the future.

If the current world is the summation of past legacies, it is reasonable to assume that the future will be the result of the legacies being created today. 

When you connect with your legacy you will find a new and profound source of energy and in a deep state of flow and commitment. 

Listen to your call to adventure within. Listen to the voice inside. Create the picture in your mind. The future world needs your legacy in it.

This workbook offers you 21 questions designed to help you feel your way through this remarkable journey of legacy discovery.

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