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Fall In Love With Your Offer and Others Will Too

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Inside The Academy We Help People Create Offers They Love
and Build An Online Business and Life Around These Offers

I believe that one of the biggest things holding people back from building an online business is they are not in LOVE with their OWN OFFER!

And one of the things that I love to do, is show people like you how amazing and unique your value is in this world and how you can deliver your product, service or coaching program offer in a way that feels perfectly aligned with both YOU and your AUDIENCE.

I have focussed my attention for the last 10 years helping businesses in the 'softer space' create amazing and loyal customers by being true to why you started this in the first place... to help more people. 

I have helped businesses such as Hay House and Food Matters create authentic offers and as a result their message reaches more people and impacts more lives!

To create and live a truely authentic life you need to align it to your authentic business which is fuelled by AUTHENTIC OFFERS!

So, welcome to a whole new way of looking at things! See you on the inside!

My Approach Has Been Helping People
Build Their Authentic Offer For Years...


Susan Garrett

Speaker & World Leader in Animal Behaviour / Say Yes Dog Training

Michael Maidens is a unique visionary. When Michael talks, audiences listen. My first one hour session with Michael gave me some of the best “aha” moments of my lifetime translating into long reaching impact and success for my business.

Michael has a deep rooted understanding of what motivates people. Michael is that 'impact player' that can take any business to that next level of success…regardless of what that next level is for you.

Rachel Miller

Moolah Marketing

Michael Maidens is the KING of offers, and offers that SELL. I have been selling, successfully, and even as someone who has a solid track record in conversions, I know that when I am making a new sales page or a new offer, that I have blinders on. I don't see all of the hurdles that I am putting in the way of my customers seeing success through the offer of my product!

Being part of the Offer Academy is basically my "insurance plan". I know that they will help me identify those weak spots in my offer and my sales will be the proof.

Brian Kurtz

One Of The All Time Greats Of Direct Marketing.

Michael Maidens is, simply put, the real deal. The term “heart-based entrepreneur” is thrown around a lot…but there are very few people who truly fit that mold…and Michael is one of them. What defines a heart-based entrepreneur?

To understand human behaviour at the deepest level is step one… to be able to present (and sell) with integrity is step two…and to teach it, apply it and share it is all part of step three.

Michael has mastered all of that in both his personal life and professional life. I consider being connected to him, learning from him and sharing with him one of the blessings of my life.

Stu McLaren

Founder of TRIBE

When I think about the key factors in a growing successful business, a great offer is right at the top of the list, and there is nobody better to be able to teach you how to break down what goes into a great offer and how to construct them again and again and again then Michael Maidens.

Sometimes not so obvious...
The Success of Your BUSINESS 
IS The Success Of Your OFFER !

When it comes to putting your offer out there does any of this sound familiar?... 

You know you have an amazing product, you know people will benefit so much from it...

but something doesn't feel right when it comes to selling it...

Maybe you feel like most of the marketing advice you hear makes you feel like you are 'selling yourself out' and you would rather not do that...

Well... The great news is that it doesn't have to be that way!

For the past 10 years I have been helping people in the softer niches overcome exactly this and build a business and lifestyle around their authentic irresistible offer! 

Your Business And Life 
Are Built Around Your Offers  

The There Are Few Things Better When YOU, YOUR OFFER and YOUR CUSTOMER Are All In Alignment!
Your World Opens Up

  • You want your offer to feel true and authentic
  • You want to follow a proven system to create an offer you will love
  • You do not resonate with most other marketing advice out there
  • You know your product is amazing and you want to attract more of the right customer
  • You know there are many people out there who need exactly what you are teaching
  • You want to be surrounded by like-minded people dedicated to helping others

Introducing The Offer Academy
Structured Knowledge and Implementation Support
To Help You Create and Constantly Improve Your Offer

The Offer Academy Course - Immediate Full Access

Are you working on your offer now if in the coming weeks and want to jump right in? You will have immediate full access to all 6 modules and apply the learning to improve your offer immediately.

Immediate Full Access! Are you working on your offer now? Ready to get it out there? You will have immediate access to the full course to go at your own pace to get results as fast as you like! OR join one of the course cycles!

Module 1 - Your Offer Success Mindset

In this module we cover topics like  Offering Not Selling, The Resistance. Confidence, The Gift, Learning Cycles and The Offer Success Journey

This is arguably one of the most important modules for those of us in the "softer" health, wellness, and personal development space. If you have ever felt uncomfortable with other advice you have been given about selling and offers, then you will love this module!

This counterintuitive approach will release you from your fears and take you to a whole new level! We talk about things that may be holding you back; confidence and how you offer is in fact your greatest gift

Module 2 - Aligning Your Offer To Attract Your Ideal Customers

In this module we cover the following topics..Story, Positioning, Promise, Testimonials, Choosing Your Customers

Do you ever feel like someone else is already teaching what you teach or want to teach? Ok, this module is going to literally unlock a huge opportunity for you. Inside we discuss you and your unique story and how to position you and your unique strengths. Then we talk about your product and what your promise is. We also discuss your product and how to attract the perfect customers who absolutely want what it is that you are offering and want to learn it from YOU!

After this module, you will see yourself in a new lightenergized and eager to get your offer out there to serve the people who need YOU most!

Module 3 - Making Your Offer Inspirational

In this module we cover the important topics of Transformation and how we use Case Studies to communicate your message! We also focus on the Benefits of your product and how to use your Enthusiasm to inspire your ideal customers to take action!One of the greatest assets we have, when we are working from a state of authenticity, is to INSPIRE. The additional great part about working in the health, wellness and personal development space is that our inspirational stories paint such an amazing picture of the potential future of our audience!

In this module, you will be empowered with how to express the amazingness of your offer and how your student's success is the highest priority! Real people and real results!


Module 4 - Making Your Offer Clearly Valuable

Making your offer super valuable is about positioning and revealing all of the amazing things that you likely would do in your product however do not mention them. Many people are sitting on a gold mine of value and a change in articulation and a few additional adjustments can make the whole offer more attractive! 
One of them is the difference between core and bonus content.  Also understanding and articulating your customer's starting and ending point and how to articulate your deliverables and hidden gold. There is a great lesson. on bonuses and bonus types which can instantly create desire! 

One of the biggest momentum blockers and therefore biggest opportunities is clarity. In this module, we get very clear on what your product is doing for your audience. What problem is it solving and how it fits into their world. Clearly articulating it means that the offer makes sense and people can buy with confidence and already see themselves in the future with your product solving their problem!

In this module, we get clarity on the deliverables, the bonusestypes of bonuses and articulating what I refer to as ‘hidden gold’. We also uncover some HUGE mistakes that people make when creating an offer. You don't want to miss this one! These can literally make or break an offer's success!

Module 5 - Presenting Your Offer Opportunity 

This module jumps into the hot topics of pricing!. There are many things to consider and deciding on payment types, one-off payments,  payment plans subscriptions or the free or low payment trials. We also have lessons talking about multiple payments types, multiple products in the offer. Plus appropriate use of up-sells & down-sells, discounting & incentives plus how to present your value in an offer stack!

The opportunity module is where we talk about what is going to be unique about this offer. The price, price structures, things to do and not to do. There are so many things that go into making an offer and the price 'feel right'.

I believe that the energy around an offer should make it feel like a 'no brainer'. It should feel right and inline.

We discuss subscription plans, one-off payments, trials and things to be very careful about when considering discounting! You will leave this module with a clear structure and ready to present your offer out into the world… However we are not done yet… One more module!!!

Module 6 - Your Offer Decision Invitation

On of the biggest things we do inside The Offer Academy is position our offers as invitations. This is different to the feeling of selling! However there are many other human psychological benefits to making sure people interested in our program or product make a decision and take action!  In this module we discuss this invitation and the advantage of offer windows vs always open. We bring people to a decision with decision deadlines and discuss the role of the types of guarantees in the offer. 

There is an opportunity, but then there is an invitation. Sometimes the invitation is always open, sometimes your offer is only available for a period of time. In this module we discuss always open, closed and which niches work well for each type.

We also talk about guarantees and many considerations especially when you have advertising money to spend or or affiliates. 

This module brings all the other areas together like a beautiful painting! :)

By the end of this module you will be empowered to present your AUTHENTIC OFFER to the world in full confidence and a sense of pride!

12 months access to Implementation Support

BONUS 1 - Office Hours (Value $1196)

To Get Your Questions Answered! Feeling stuck, doubting an aspect of your offer or just want some fresh ideas and know what is working these days? Submit your questions and keep moving forward!

Inside these calls we have a group video call answering questions so you can both learn from other members and have your specific questions answered!

Calls run roughly for 90 mins. Replays will be posted 24-48 hrs after the calls, inside the Members Area. To maximise your experience with these calls, we recommend joining LIVE as much as possible.


BONUS 2 - Implementation Cycles (Value $1196)

Work on your existing Offer, a new offer or improve and existing offer several times a year! Join on the course cycles for focus and accountability. One module every week will keep you moving through the process!

Next 8 Week implementation Cycle starts 
October 5th, 2020


BONUS 3 - Access to Masterclass Series (Value $564)

In addition to the course content you will also advance your offer with these topic specific Masterclasses! Inside we deep dive so that you can take aspects of your offer to deeper levels and start increasing your success immediately.

The masterclass series is a deep dive into specific areas of an offer to help you continually improve and enhance. the value of your offer. 

The masterclass series is a combination training classes created by Michael or presentation with a specialised topic expert. Masterclasses will be added regularly to help you grow and keep your up to date with what is working in this every changing space!


You get instant access to the following masterclass trainings:

Your Offer Success Masterclass, Critical Components Of An Offer Masterclass, Creating Your Offer Page Masterclass, Offer Mindset and Psychology Masterclass, The Power Of Bonuses Masterclass, Enhance Your Offer With Guarantees Masterclass, Tracking Your Offer Statistics Masterclass, Amazing Case Study Videos With Justin Brown, Effective Decision Deadlines with Jack Born, Your Strategic Positioning with Gideon Shalwick, Presenting Your Offer On Stage with Carren Smith, 7 Essential Ingredients To Create You Offer Masterclass, Your Product Pyramid With James Wedmore

BONUS 4 - The Offer Review Series (Value $564)

One of the fastest ways to get clarity and inspiration on your offer is to look at other peoples offer page. In the Offer Page Review series I review pages I believe are a great example of what is working well. I also am happy to point out aspects that are could be improved!

You get instant access to 7 offer reviews videos you can watch, learn and implement to your offer page!

BONUS 5 - Members Only Facebook Group

Launching October 2020!!

Daily support, encouragement, inspiration and more! Surround yourself with like minded people and conversation. Create like minded business friends and learn and grow your offers together!

12 Month Mentorship Program

12 Month Mentorship Program 

Are you ready for a more personalised support and mentorship experience with me and The Offer Academy? Well PLUS is right for you!

In addition to everything you get inside of The Offer Academy you will also join a small group of like minded and progressed entrepreneurs and businesses taking their offers to the next level. 

Twice monthly we will get together on Hot Seat and Coaching calls. In these calls you can either listen. and learn OR have your offer and questions answered in your very own Hot Seat!

This is where we can discuss aspects of YOUR OFFER in detail OR REVIEW YOUR OFFER PAGE.

We can also DEBRIEF YOUR OFFER and you can examine insights to keep you learning and continually improving your offer!

We also will be discussing everything surrounding your offer. From Launches to product ascention and much more! 

These calls will be a LIVE ZOOM MEETING and we will be chatting back and forth with myself and other PLUS members! 

You will also become a member of the Exclusive PLUS Members Facebook Group

BONUS - You will also receive the 13th month FREE !!! The PLUS group is new and is growing 

Summary - In addition to The Offer Academy you will have access to:

  • Twice Monthly Hot Seat and Coaching Calls
  • Exclusive PLUS Members Facebook Group
  • BONUS 13th Month

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The Offer Academy Course

  • 6 Core Training Modules
  • Guided Workbook
  • Audio Downloads
  • Lifetime Access

$4,280 IN BONUSES 

  • Bonus 1 - Office Hours (Value $1,164)
  • Bonus 2 - Implementation Cycles (Value $1,988)
  • Bonus 3 - Masterclass Series (Value $564)
  • Bonus 4 - Offer Review Series (Value $564)
  • Bonus 5 - Members Community (Priceless)

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The Offer Academy Course

  • 6 Core Training Modules
  • Guided Workbook
  • Audio Downloads
  • Lifetime Access

$4,280 IN BONUSES 

  • Bonus 1 - Office Hours (Value $1,164)
  • Bonus 2 - Implementation Cycles (Value $1,988)
  • Bonus 3 - Masterclass Series (Value $564)
  • Bonus 4 - Offer Review Series (Value $564)
  • Bonus 5 - Members Community (Priceless)


  • 12 Month Group Mentorship with Michael
  • Twice Monthly Coaching and Hot Seat Calls
  • Exclusive PLUS Member Facebook Group
  • BONUS 13th Month Free! 

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Single Instalment of

14 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are just as serious as you about you being happy and making sure this product is a right fit for you! We also know and teach people about the beauty of a guarantee to allow people, just like you, an opportunity to jump on the inside and get to know us and the product with the confidence of knowing you can ask for a refund. 

Michael's Approach To Offers Has Been Helping Industry Leaders For Years...

Victoria Labalme

Strategic Performance Coach for Elite Entrepreneurs, Authors and Executives / www.VictoriaLabalme.com

Michael Maidens is like a Marketing Buddha: he embodies the worldly perspective, peace and inner joy of a Zen master along with all the brilliant ideas, strategies and tactics of a marketing wizard. Like all high end professionals, he has that deft ability to take the complex and make it clear.

If you can get on his calendar and get his bright neurons pointed your way, consider yourself lucky.

JB Glossinger

International Coach and Consultant, Keynote Speaker and Author / www.MorningCoach.com

Michael exudes positivity and energy. Just being around him I feel more motivated to achieve my goals. His business acumen is off the charts, and has helped me in more ways then words can describe. Bottom line – rock star.

Gideon Shalwick

Online Video Marketing Entrepreneur

Michael is one of the smartest innovators I’ve met in the product launch and business model development space. He has that uncanny ability to see something amazing that no-one else can see… and then turning that idea into a million dollar business!

Whenever I want advice on how to promote, market or launch anything new, I first run it past the genius mind of Michael Maidens. Get him on board your team. It’s a no-brainer.

Some More Words From The Offer Academy Students!

Toni Powell
Author Speaker

I wasn't sure if Offer Academy was for me and, frankly, I expected to be disappointed - I have joined many things over the years and found that only a few are worth the investment. However, yahoo for Offer Academy, Michael Maidens and the amazing people he is doing expert interviews with because in just a few weeks I can already say I've already gained enough to make it worth the fee for the year. I've made great connections, learned valuable tools and this is just the start. Thanks MM and team and tribe.

Carmen Darwin
Design & Lifestyle School

We often need a sounding board for the ideas and communication behind creating our offers and fear can often creep in too. In The Offer Academy I feel I get the wisdom, guidance and expertise of Michael and the support of a great community of people who are all out there working to make an enormous difference in this world. That makes me feel more confident and in control of how and why I offer what I do in my business and excited about what is next to come.

Tom Rawlins
Raw Lens Media

The Offer Academy has helped me seek clarity. Getting clear on how I can best serve others and learning all the technical skills from leading experts is an incredible combo.

Karen Clarke
Feel Good Tribe

I would say that being part of an up-market community at a steal of a deal cost, with a guy that's genuine with a ton of experience, is a complete no brainer. Offers & opportunities like this don't come along every day! My favourite part is that I am not on a time crunch like a course, I can use & implement what I choose when I choose & still have the support as I need it on an ongoing basis.