How To: Find Your Unique Ability

business Jan 09, 2018

One of the most powerful things we can know about ourself if our Unique Ability. 

Usually when you look at people who are achieving what appears to be effortless success, they are working and operating in their own place of unique ability. 

Sounds simple right? Not quite!

In my opinion knowing your unique ability is THE HARDEST thing for us to see in ourself and in the working and entrepreneurial space this struggle is made even more difficult...

So what is unique ability?

Our own personal unique ability is something that we seem to do effortlessly, automatically and almost our 'default' place from which we operate.

It is usually a set of skills, or a way of handling a situation, a viewpoint or something that comes so easy that you find it difficult to understand that other people just cannot do it easily too.

Usually our unique ability is something that brings us energy and something that either other people ask us about all the time or we end up simply doing this task for people without thinking. 

The BIGGEST thing to things about is that it MUST bring VALUE to a situation or someones life! 

So, let's not start thinking. "Wow, my unique ability is turning on the TV and falling asleep. :) " However, if you turn on the TV and enjoy watching the news of the day and then discussing a philosophical viewpoint which helps other people, then this form part of your unique ability. 

Exercise 1

Take a minute now, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down some ideas about what you think your unique ability may be. Just whatever comes to mind. This is just to get the ball rolling a little. This can be both in business, work and personal situations. In fact, it is interesting to see how our unique ability 'shows' up in each of these places! 

 So, how did you go? Difficult? Easy? In my opinion this is one of the hardest things  for us to do. Or, at least, one of the hardest things to get really specific about.

Almost by definition, we CANNOT see what both comes easily to us and has massive value to other peoples lives.

Now lets go a little deeper.

Exercise 2

How would you 'energetically' rate yourself different areas of your life and day? Below are some example areas of your life, both personally and work situations. 

Rate these areas as L=Love It, H=Hate It, N=Neither / Neutral

Solving Problems _________

Bringing People Together _________

Creating Solutions ________

Listening to Other People ____________

Helping Give an Alternative Viewpoint _____________

Motivating People _____________

Having Difficult Conversations _____________

Challenging People On Their Viewpoints ______________

Creating Experiences ___________

Following Through To Completion _______________

Love The Detailed Work ____________

Critical Thinking ______________

Others ___________________________

Many of these have opposites 

For myself, I enjoy bringing people together to do critical and strategic thinking. I also find it easy to massage the energy in a room to achieve a greater outcome for a common goal.

Exercise 3

In which of the follow areas do you find yourself spending most of your time? 

Health and Wellness

Exercise 4

Where do you have your clearest mind?

In Nature _____

In The City _______

Exotic Locations _______

Exercise 5

Confirming Assumptions

5 Step Unique ability Challenge

So, if we are doing it all the time, then why is it so hard to 'identify it'?

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