8 Questions To Start Your Day

business health life Jan 04, 2018

For me, routines are one of things I attribute many of my successes to. When I grew up playing tennis, my success was around creating and executing routines. The week before competition, days before, night before, at the venue, 30 minutes out all the way to the individual points including before serving and returning routines.

When I was at my physical best a year or two back I had my routines. I would wake up every morning at about 4:30 and be home from Crossfit by 6:10 and have even swum in the ocean and back in the house to see the kids by 6:30. The rest of the day was easy!

Situations change and there are so many things I would actually like to fit into my day and week. I have recently taken up Kitesurfing to add in with Surfing, Crossfit and Tennis. Some are dependant on weather and others not so much.

I just came across this great video from a guy I have been following for about 10 years. Roger Hamilton has a way of articulating many complex things into understandable and actionable tasks. 

In this video he talks about how he starts his day and the 8 questions which sets his mind up for success.

Roger's 8 Questions To Get Into The Right Daily Mindset

Show Up

  1. What am I grateful for?
  2. Who do I love?
  3. Why am I so happy right now?

 Step Up

  1. What am I committed to? What is the priority in your life...
  2. How committed am I? This helps with the focus for the day...

Give Back

  1. What is my intention?
  2. What is my wish?
  3. Why am I here? In this place, time and with who...

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