Meet Michael

Michael empowers people with a unique, systematic approach to create a thriving business to support creating an amazing lifestyle. Michael brings a unique combination of performance psychology learnt as a former full time athlete, systematic approach from writing business software for 10 years is combined with his most recent focus of behavioural psychology applied to reaching an audience online.This combination is why clients and companies from around the world look to Michael to remove their blockages and create a life and business they love.

Michaels Story

I believe one of the biggest opportunities we have today is the unique combination of maintaining our health while enjoying life and creating an income aligned to our passions and unique abilities.

However, for most, this belief requires a change in mindset from one which has served us to date.

Many of us have grown up with a belief that 'work' must be the priority and one day, down the track we can deserve to enjoy the rewards from all that effort.

Unfortunately this journey is long and in many cases we lose ourself and who we truely are. Along the way we miss out on life's gifts and usually sacrifice our health. 

In my early 20's I was suffering from chest pain, angina and crippling overwhelm and anxiety.

A few huge decisions later I decided it was not optional, in fact it was mandatory that I find a way to balance these 3 passions of health, life and business. I needed to live where I wanted to spend my spare time.

For the next 10 years I worked as a business analyst, software architect and developer working from home on the beach. 

However my passion turned to human behaviour and psychology.

For the most recent 10 years I have been helping people build an online business aligned with their passion and make a positive impact in the world. I have helped my clients generate millions of subscribers, tens of millions of dollars and most importantly get their message to the people who need it most.

Basically that is what I do. Connect awesome people to awesome people in a way that everyone grows.

It has become my passion now to help people all over the world to build a life and business which enables them to grow their health, life and business at the same time!

Why Health, Life, Business?




"I knew that when I first saw Micky’s book shelf that we would be life long friends. It’s amazing the power of how someone chooses to spend their spare time impacts the quality of who they are as a person and what they have to bring to the table. Speaking on that Micky has worked together with our core team since 2011 on various projects but mostly on new and reoccurring online product launches. Since then we have created some magic together pushing the film and online wellness industries into new and exciting territory! It’s always a pleasure hearing his ideas and different perspectives on how we can serve our community in a deeper and more impactful way. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to show the world something you love that nobody knows about yet, Michaels your man!"

James Colquhoun
CEO & Founder / Food Matters & FMTV

"Michael helps you develop a deep emotional connection with your audience to create a heart centered movement around your business that serves everyone involved. Because of this, he is a magician of the heart. CEO’s around the world say that one of the main challenges they face is being able to create ‘customer intimacy’. Michaels solves this challenge by applying his expertise in high-level strategy and deep knowledge of the tactical steps you need to take to make this happen. He’s rare breed."

Dr Nic Lucas
BSc, MHSc, MPMed, PhD Author, Lecturer, Change Leader / Nic Lucas

"I intended to create an online meditation program, however with Michael’s guidance I created a world wide movement! The Stillness Project wouldn’t be where it is today without him. He helped me see a vision beyond what I was capable of seeing at that point in time. Thanks Michael for your support and wise counsel."

Tom Cronin
Meditation Teacher – Life Mentor – Speaker – Writer – Producer / The Stillness Project

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